Iscom assieme alla Pontificia Università della Santa Croce ha organizzato, dal 6 al 12 settembre 2010, un seminario in lingua inglese per giornalisti stranieri che si occupano di Chiesa.

Covering Catholicism in the Age of Benedict XVI
Building on its successful monthly-seminar series for Rome-based Vatican correspondents, the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome is offering an intensive one-week seminar in English, The Church Up Close: Covering Catholicism in the Age of Benedict XVI, for foreign journalists covering the Roman Catholic Church.

Combining class-room seminars, personal meetings, and on-site visits, the seminar is designed to give journalists an array of tools to strengthen their coverage: a basic sense of the lay of the land at the Vatican; a serious, in-depth analysis of specific hot-button issues confronting today's Church; a personal introduction to some knowledgeable insiders and key players in Rome; a taste of the rich history and culture behind contemporary Church affairs; a chance to reflect, in an ideal setting, with journalists from around the world, on the complex relationships between religion and the media.

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